Praised by Broadway World as a “compelling actor” with a “rich and powerful bass voice,” James Harrington returned to the Santa Fe Opera Apprentice program ... more
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Welcome to the OpusAtlas Blog!

Welcome to the blog at OpusAtlas!

I am so excited to share this blog with our readers. As with all of OpusAtlas, the preparation and planning of this blog, and the content you will see in the coming months, has been fastidiously designed to give our readers a steady stream of engaging and relevant content in all facets of opera.

To that end, we have planned content along several distinct themes, and are utilizing writers from all corners of the opera world to give our readers a broad perspective on issues of greatest concern and interest to singers, fans/future fans, administrators, and creative staff alike. New content will be posted several times each week in :

  • Entrepreneurship and Career Development

  • Our Career Development feature brings you resources and information to help bridge the gap between academia and a professional singing career, including (but by no means limited to) grad school choice, self-promotion, travel, personal finance, auditions, audition and application documents, and demystifying and navigating the world of YAPs.

  • Developing Audiences and Organizations

  • Have you ever thought of founding your own opera company? Of particular interest to administrators and aspiring administrators alike, this feature profiles smaller opera companies around the United States that are engaging new audiences, presenting opera in unique and powerful ways, and creating art that seeks to make a difference. These profiles will probe the important questions that face fledgling companies, and give insight into inspiring companies and organizations that are proving that opera not only has a pulse, but that pulse is racing!

  • Profiles and Interviews

  • In our Profiles and Interviews feature, we will sit down with some of the most interesting people in the opera world and try to tell their unique story in a way that will both inspire and equip singers, and give fans a unique look behind the curtain or audition table. We will also answer your questions in a monthly mailbag feature.

  • Cities and Scenes

  • Our Cities and Scenes feature profiles cities both large and small, and serves two equal purposes: (1) to introduce opera fans and future fans to vibrant cultural experiences in their own cities and those they visit, and (2) to provide singers a starting point for sorting out their own opportunities to make a living in cities they may consider moving to in the future.

  • Opening Nights

  • In order to share our enthusiasm and help create a culture of excitement around the work that our colleagues all over the United States are doing, we will commemorate the opening nights of companies throughout the United States, making note of productions of particular interest when possible.

  • Other, Less-Regular Features

  • From time to time, based on reader feedback, current trends in opera, or other factors, we will feature new writers and new topics that don’t fit neatly inside our pre-defined editorial structure.

This blog is a labor of love for us, and we hope you find it as engaging and useful as we have imagined it to be. If you have questions, or wish to propose a topic or writer for us, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. In the meantime, thank you for reading. Please subscribe to the blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute content from OpusAtlas!


James Harrington
Managing Editor
OpusAtlas Blog

Praised by Broadway World as a “compelling actor” with a “rich and powerful bass voice,” James Harrington returned to the Santa Fe Opera Apprentice program ... more